About Me

Hello everybody!

    My name is Madison and I am a proud wife and mother to two beautiful babies! They light up my life and make my days so much better. I met my sweetheart in 8th grade and knew from the start that we were going to be together. He balances me out and is my best friend. Our two kiddos are the icing on the cake! When I am not out capturing memories for people, you can usually catch me making memories of my own with my family. Whether it is out driving around, exploring new places with an iced coffee in hand, at the park playing or fishing at the river.

   Outside of being a wife and momma, I have always been a very creative individual and was always looking for an outlet to express that. Going all the way back, I found a love for painting after spending many childhood summers with my grandparents. My grandmother was an incredible painter and shared that with me growing up. I used all different mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor.

    Once I got to high school, I started branching out and found myself enrolled in all of the AG classes. One class in particular was floral design and I fell in love! It was a perfect creative outlet and even at that point, I knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry. Oddly enough, photography hadn’t even crossed my mind at that point!

   Fast forward a few years later, my in-laws were planning their wedding so, with my love of weddings, I volunteered to plan it for them. I offered to do their flowers and take the pictures so they wouldn’t have to worry about it, and who knew it would be be the catalyst for my business today!

    I love everything about photography! Being able to capture people’s special milestones and memories all while getting to be creative is the most amazing thing. Once I started my journey to bettering this artform and learning how to make this my career, I never looked back. Photography truly is a passion of mine and seeing the reactions I get from people when they see their precious memories preserved is priceless. I hope to be able to capture memories for you as well!